DiscoverSeedcastHypocrisy and Solidarity at COP27
Hypocrisy and Solidarity at COP27

Hypocrisy and Solidarity at COP27

Update: 2022-11-23


Indigenous leaders at the forefront of the fight against climate change were at the COP27 climate talks in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt this month and Nia Tero showed up in solidarity. Break through the noise and the corporate greenwashing, and listen with us to Indigenous policy advocates, activists, storytellers and artists who made the trip to Egypt, often at risk to themselves -- because everything is at stake in this moment, and we need the collective power of all peoples to meet it.  

Featured voices include:  

  • Carmen Guerra (Kankuama), Policy Manager for Nia Tero’s Global Policy Team and a mother and human rights defender from the Sierra Nevada, the Heart of the World  
  • Kimaren Riamit (Maasai), executive director of ILEPA (Indigenous Livelihoods Enhancement Partners)  
  • Leo Cerda (Kichwa), climate activist and Indigenous rights defender from the Ecuadorian Amazon, founder of the HAKHU Project and the Black & Indigenous Liberation Movement 
  • Gabrielle Langkilde (Samoan), Samoan writer and curriculum developer 
  • Sophia Perez (Mestiza / CHamorro & white), filmmaker and journalist 

This episode features the music of Eric Terena, a Brazilian D-J, journalist and activist who belongs to the Terena people and is a founding member of Mídia Índia.  

Producers: Felipe Contreras, Stina Hamlin, and Jenny Asarnow. Story editors: Jessica Ramirez and Tracy Rector. Host: Jessica Ramirez. Special thanks to Shar Tuiasoa, Jacob Bearchum, Michael Painter and Valeree Velasco for help with this episode.  

We want to hear your stories, too. What is at stake for YOU and YOUR communities in this moment of climate crisis, and what are you doing to fight for our future? Let us know by sending us an email at: 

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Hypocrisy and Solidarity at COP27

Hypocrisy and Solidarity at COP27

Nia Tero