DiscoverThe Dr. John Delony ShowI'm Having Sexual Dreams About My Mother-in-Law, etc.
I'm Having Sexual Dreams About My Mother-in-Law, etc.

I'm Having Sexual Dreams About My Mother-in-Law, etc.

Update: 2021-04-072


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Show Notes for this Episode


  • How should I mentally & physically prepare myself & kids for my husband’s deployment?
  • I’m having sexual dreams about my mother-in-law. Even when I’m awake the thoughts are in my head. How do I shift that especially when I have to interact with her?
  • I don't have any real friends. How do I make friends, and make friends that will stick around? Is it even possible to make friends at my age?
  • Lyrics of the Day: "Blitzkrieg Bop" - The Ramones


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I'm Having Sexual Dreams About My Mother-in-Law, etc.

I'm Having Sexual Dreams About My Mother-in-Law, etc.

Dr. John Delony