I Am the Table

I Am the Table

Update: 2023-12-06


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Welcome to another hilariously unscripted episode where we dive into the crazy world of love, marriage, and everything in between. Join Angel and Gazza as they bring humor, wit, and realness while sharing their thoughts on income sharing, polygamy, past relationships, and the joy that makes it all worthwhile.

Topic 1: Polygamy, Monogamy, and a Side of Sarcasm
- Brace yourselves for a hilarious take on the concept of polygamy, as the couple shares their unfiltered thoughts and maybe a few outrageous hypothetical scenarios.
- Witty banter and unexpected twists that turn a potentially serious topic into a sidesplitting comedy fest.

Topic 2: The Potluck of Partnership
- Find out what each partner brings to the table, besides a sense of humor. Spoiler alert: it involves love, quirks, and maybe a secret talent or two!
- A lighthearted exploration of the unique contributions that keep their partnership spicy and full of surprises.

Topic 3: Relationship Resumes and Ex Files
- Get ready for a stroll down memory lane as Angel hilariously sends a message to Gazza’s past partners, complete with sincerity and a smile.

Thanks for tuning in to this unfiltered rollercoaster of laughter and love. Stay tuned for more candid conversations and unexpected hilarity in the next episode of Comfortably Toxic cuz…WE IN THIS FOREVER!!!

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I Am the Table

I Am the Table

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