I Found Him - Episode 19

I Found Him - Episode 19

Update: 2020-06-30


I found Him! I literally found God, and not just in a book or in church but in person up in heaven. Its a long story, if you're interested to hear how I learned to step out of body spiritually, how I found the vortex, how I explored differing realms and dimensions and ultimately found God. Check out our works.

I'm talking about The Creator of all things, The Alpha and The Omega, The One who made life, Jesus' Father, Our Father God in heaven. I found Him and then He blessed me in one of the most extraordinary ways.

He lifted me up and showed me how life became what it is today. I literally got to be on the other-side of life watching it unfold since long before mankind's first civilization.

This podcast goes into detail on where I was when I found Him, how I found Him and what its led to. We've been doing miracles since developing our relationship. I'm here to tell you that salvation is real, life and death is absolutely no joke. There is a bigger picture going on when it comes to being born into this world and how to live that will get you to an eternity in afterlife.

I write for God, He's made me a bond-servant.

Speaking from having been there and done everything wrong at one point. Talking on the many miracles He's allowed for my life to become, the incredible blessings that are coming through now thanks to Jesus Christ and how it all reveals one of His greatest works.

As a friend, God is moving through me for these podcast messages. I hope you can hear them. If you're looking for inspiration, testimony of The Holy Trinity, revelation of The Power and grace of God, or perhaps you're new to your walk and looking for direction or guidance, you'll get something from our talks.

Thanks for listening
God bless you

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I Found Him - Episode 19

I Found Him - Episode 19

James Martinez