DiscoverThe Investing for Beginners Podcast - Your Path to Financial FreedomIFB136: Investors Don’t Know Anything (About the Future)
IFB136: Investors Don’t Know Anything (About the Future)

IFB136: Investors Don’t Know Anything (About the Future)

Update: 2020-01-30


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Dave:                                    00:35                      All

right folks welcome to

Investing for Beginners
podcast. this is episode 135, tonight Andrew and I

are going to discuss that Andrew had this great idea that we would talk about

what investors know, which is nothing he is forecasting the future and what

analysts mean when they think about what’s going on in the future and how we

don’t know what could become. And if we do well, then you’re smarter than us.

So without any further ado, I’m going to go ahead and turn over to Andrew and

Andrew is going to go ahead and take it away. All right, Andrew

Andrew:                              01:10                      Yeah,

thanks, Dave. I had, so I have four bullet points on this, just kind of different

examples because something about this topic is pressing and I feel it needs to

be sent at the same time. I think it’s very inspiring and it can certainly help

somebody who’s a value in this or somebody who’s trying to be a contrarian.

When you’re trying to buy stocks at a discount to their intrinsic value, you’re

going to have to go against a lot of them. Maybe at first, these not the right

word, but you know, you have to go against the grain. You have to go against

what the popular opinion is on the stock and you know, sometimes the popular

opinions, right? And sometimes it’s wrong. And so we can kind of look at the

stocks we’re looking at today and maybe our South, here are some reasons why

the stock is probably undervalued. Maybe there are good reasons and here are

some reasons that are probably just been alerted talk, you know, just like,

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IFB136: Investors Don’t Know Anything (About the Future)

IFB136: Investors Don’t Know Anything (About the Future)

Andrew Sather and Dave Ahern