IFB138: How The News Can Affect Your Investments

IFB138: How The News Can Affect Your Investments

Update: 2020-02-13



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tuned in to the Investing for Beginners podcast. Finally, step by step premium

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right folks, welcome to Investing for Beginners podcast. This is episode 130,

tonight, Andrew and I are going to talk a little a bit about how the news can

impact the market. Lately, there have been some bigger news things that have

hit the news and have had a big impact on the market lately and Andrew and I

thought that this would be kind of a timely subject to talk about. So we

thought we would chat a little bit about this. So Indra and I were talking off-air

about some of the things that are going on in the world and whatnot. And we

thought we would share our thoughts on those and how they can impact the

market. And you can see some of the things that are going on right now, which

are very, very fresh in everybody’s mind. You know, we’re recording right now

in February of 2020 and so some of the big things that are talked about in the

news recently are Coronavirus has been a big thing.


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trade Wars and also with the Tesla stock, a big shock here in the last week or

so since our earnings came out. Those are some big items that Andrew and I

thought we could talk a little bit about. So why don’t we talk a little bit

about Tesla first, how they have some fun with that. That’s always a fun

conversation for us. Our favorite, right? Yeah, exactly. I’d like to hear what

you were talking about before we hit the record button because you’re, I mean,

we should have been recording then and there you got the fire that yeah, it

was, it was pretty interesting. So for those of you that have been under hiding

under a rock recently Tesla put out their wait as to quarterly earnings, which

came out, I believe it was towards the end of January. It might’ve been January

29th or 30th.


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can’t remember the specific day. But anyway for them they had a good earnings

report. They showed some free cashflow for change. They had revenue increased.

It has been increasing over the last three or four quarters. So good for them.

They are selling more cars, which is awesome. But I was kind of looking through

the earth through the financials before we came on the air. And I was talking

to Andrew A. Little bit about it. So some things I wanted to kind of point out.

So number one, their earnings per share for that quarter was $.056. Whole

cents, wait for it. 56 whole cents. Yeah, huge numbers. Right? And so for a

company that has orange or marker cap, then gosh, I can’t think of anybody else

for combined.








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IFB138: How The News Can Affect Your Investments

IFB138: How The News Can Affect Your Investments

Andrew Sather and Dave Ahern