IFB139: Beginners Guide to Investing in Bonds

IFB139: Beginners Guide to Investing in Bonds

Update: 2020-02-201


Announcer (00:00 ):

You’re tuned in to the Investing for Beginners podcast.

Finally, step by step premium investment guidance for beginners led by Andrew

Sather and Dave Ahern. To decode industry jargon, silence crippling confusion,

and help you overcome emotions by looking at the numbers, your path to

financial freedom starts now.

Dave (00:36 ):

All right folks, welcome to Investing for Beginners

podcast. This is episode 139, tonight, Andrew and I are going to have a little

discussion back and forth. We’re going to talk about bonds, so I’ve written

three blog posts over the last week or so about bonds and the different aspects

of them, the different kinds there are and kind of the ins and outs of them,

and Andrew and I thought that too actually. Andrew thought that this would be

an interesting conversation for us, and he thought he could maybe ask me some

questions and see what I could do to help people learn more about this

particular asset class. This is something that’s not talked about a lot. It’s

certainly not taught in schools and most people are very unfamiliar with bonds

and how they work. And as we know, if you’re unfamiliar with something, it can

be a little bit scary or overwhelming. So we hope we can help illuminate this

asset class a little bit more and give you some insights. And if this is

something that you’re interested in learning more about, we’re here to help

you. So without any further ado, I’m going to turn over my friend Andrew and

he’s going to grow me with a lot of really hard questions. So fire away.

Andrew (01:42 ):

I’m not going to put you into the grill, not today. Maybe

we’ll say that for another episode. Yeah, you wrote three great posts on the

blog, and I think if people hear our conversation and they’re interested in

getting down to the nitty-gritty, I suggest breeding those. You know, it’s

spaced out in the publishing schedule. But really if you go on the website,

investing for beginners.com you go to the search bar, you type in bonds and

you’re going to talk about several different types of bonds. And I think that

will be very helpful. So if you have like, let’s say you want and learn more

about municipal bonds, you could type that into the search, the search bar, and

you’ll see Dave’s masterpiece on there. These in-depth guides and those can be

very, very helpful.

Andrew (02:30 ):

But first, before we get into all of that, let’s talk

about maybe why bonds are, what kind of investor would find it attractive? I

think not only, you know, I think when we think of bonds in general, but you

also start to think of people who are in retirement or close to retirement. And

there are good reasons for that because we’ve talked in the past how the stock

market over the very, very longterm, it’s,
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IFB139: Beginners Guide to Investing in Bonds

IFB139: Beginners Guide to Investing in Bonds

Andrew Sather and Dave Ahern