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INFAMOUS: The Preppy Murder

INFAMOUS: The Preppy Murder

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When Jennifer Levin is found murdered in Central Park in 1986, and one of her private school friends is arrested for the crime, it catalyzes bitter debates about sex, privilege, legal ethics, parental responsibility, socioeconomics, victim’s rights, and so much more, because before there was the OJ Simpson trial, there was the Preppy Murder. 

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Not surprised about the godfather and sexual abuse. He probably wrote that letter out of guilt for sure.

Dec 29th

Madeleine McIntyre

your sidekick is annoying as hell

Dec 5th
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Kyle Nicholson

the tone change in voice when describing something annoying

Nov 12th
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Julie Rogers

Always!! Left Home Alone!! I couldn't Even count how many Parties we threw!!! Jimmy Eat World would play.. 90's.. Invisible for sure.. So Many trips to Mexico without Parents even knowing!

Nov 6th
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Mariama Tarawally

I remember this story...I was 8 yrs old but I clearly remember ppl thinking he really didn't do it. Even though the scratches on his face & other evidence said otherwise...

Oct 29th
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Jennifer Pennypacker

getting a little ad heavy.......

Oct 28th
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"As she gets closer, she isn't moving and all her jewelry is missing" really??? Hmmm...I feel like that's not something I'd notice if I saw a complete stranger laying under a tree. 🤔

Oct 28th
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James Anthony Schultz

Ever since they went the whole social justice route, the quality of their weekly podcast has been extremely mediocre. I haven't been able to finish an episode in a couple months and this show use to be my #1. I hate how woke culture has infected so many things I love. I just can not wait til it dies.

Oct 28th
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INFAMOUS: The Preppy Murder

INFAMOUS: The Preppy Murder