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INTERVIEW: Brooke Norton

INTERVIEW: Brooke Norton

Update: 2020-09-29


Hey peeps ! I am back this week and we are chatting with Brooke. Brooke is the mother of Evan, a boy born with “designer genes”. He is only a handful of people worldwide with his particular genetic condition, related to gene RPL10. Brooke is also the creator of Everyday Evan, her families blog that is striving to provide hope, Joy, Education, and prayers for families who find themself in a similar situation. I’m you host Theresa, So lets dive in 

Welcome Brooke, thank you so much for sharing your families story with us today!

While reading your blog and Evan’s story it reminded me a lot of Kristine’s story with her diagnosis. From what I read Evan has a gene mutation but because it is so rare they have no official name for it. Can you explain a little bit about Evan and his gene mutation and how you came about to getting his diagnosis?

With Evan’s rare disease - what does a typical day look like for you and your family? What extra care does he need?

Can you share for those listening to what some of the most frustrating aspects are of Evan’s condition?

How do you cope with having a child with additional needs?

Because Evan’s mutation is genetic what are the chances of you having another child like him?

Do you ever have situations with strangers where you need to educate them on Evan?

We really want to touch on Your Blog Everyday Evan - can you share a little bit about that and what you are hoping to accomplish with it?

Since starting your blog, what impact have you noticed it has made on your family as well as other rare disease-fighters?

What is next when it comes to Evan and your blog? 

We want to thank you so much for coming on and sharing Evan’s story. Often times that decision to let the world into your home is a big and difficult one. The internet and those behind keyboards aren’t always kind. Sharing your child takes true strength and if you didn’t the world would know even less about children like him. You and your family are incredibly inspiring. 

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INTERVIEW: Brooke Norton

INTERVIEW: Brooke Norton

Theresa Thomas // Guest: Brooke Norton