DiscoverInspired To GreatnessITG #19 - Know Your Worth
ITG #19 - Know Your Worth

ITG #19 - Know Your Worth

Update: 2020-05-04


Welcome to Inspired to Greatness, we are all about Inspiration, Motivation, and being Great!

Today we are talking about KNOWING YOUR WORTH!

 “If you want to improve your self-worth, stop giving other people the calculator.” – Tim Fargo

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Amber Rogers - Title Resources:

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Don’t be married to your business plan. Flexibility is key to growth, look at today for an example!

Book to Read: None of your Business - Shawn Dill & Lacey Book

Tool to Try: - invoicing and project software for small businesses.

“We are what we believe we are.” – C.S. LEWIS

If you believe that you are worthless you will probably become pretty worthless!

“Self-worth comes from one thing – thinking that you are worthy.” – Wayne Dyer

Until you know your worth you’ll continue to seek other people’s approval just to feel good about yourself.” – Sonya Parker

Knowing your worth is about recognizing your purpose and your gifts and knowing that you bring value to this world, that your talents and attributes are completely unique, you are the only one who can be you, and you are worth exactly what you decide you are worth.

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ITG #19 - Know Your Worth

ITG #19 - Know Your Worth

Matt Blake