DiscoverMontana Outdoor PodcastIce Fishing on Montana's Hi-Line
Ice Fishing on Montana's Hi-Line

Ice Fishing on Montana's Hi-Line

Update: 2023-02-04


On this Episode of the The Montana Outdoor Podcast you will learn about ice fishing on two of Montana's best Walleye fishing reservoirs, Nelson Reservoir and Fresno Reservoir. These two Reservoirs are located in Northern Montana on what most Montanans call the Hi-Line. They call it Montana's Hi-Line since it's the northernmost route traversing the state from east to west. Your hosts Downrigger Dale and The Captain will talk to Brian Olson, one of the most knowledgeable Walleye fishermen in all of Montana. In fact Brian has won one of the most prestigious Walleye fishing tournaments in the world, The Montana Governor's Cup! Brian will give you information on where the best ice fishing spots are on these reservoirs as well as what bait to use and many other valuable Walleye fishing techniques. Plus he will talk about how to fish Nelson and Fresno Reservoir when the ice thaws off the water in early spring.

We would love to hear what you think of this podcast as well as any suggestions you may have for topics for future podcasts. Just send an email to  You can also use that email address to ask this week's guest, Brian Olson any questions you may have. Downrigger will be happy to get your questions answered by Brian.

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Ice Fishing on Montana's Hi-Line

Ice Fishing on Montana's Hi-Line

Brian Olson