DiscoverSomething You Should KnowIf You Don’t Like Your Voice -This Will Fix It & Facts About Food You Never Knew
If You Don’t Like Your Voice -This Will Fix It & Facts About Food You Never Knew

If You Don’t Like Your Voice -This Will Fix It & Facts About Food You Never Knew

Update: 2021-03-159


We go through a lot of batteries in our house with all of our remotes and clocks and flashlights - and they aren’t cheap. I bet you have a lot of batteries in your home as well. This episode begins with some interesting facts and myths about household batteries you probably never knew.

How do you feel about your voice? Do you love it or hate it? While it may sound like a cliché, your voice really is an instrument and like a musical instrument you have to learn how to use it to make it sound great. Here with some advice is on how anyone can do that is voice coach Caroline Goyder. She has worked with A-list actors, teachers and broadcasters to improve their voices and she has some very easy strategies that will have you loving the sound of your voice. Caroline is the author the book Find Your Voice: The Secret to Talking with Confidence in Any Situation ( and she has a Ted Talk ( that has been viewed over 8 million times. 

While there is a lot of advice on the secret to success, I want to share some very simple advice from former advertising executive James Dale. Listen as I describe his advice that I believe will ring true for you and that you will find hard to argue with. Source: James Dale author of The Obvious (

Just how safe is the food in your kitchen? Do you follow expiration dates or trust your senses? Have you ever gotten sick from eating food that was bad? A lot of people have which is why Robert Brackett is here. He is professor of food science at the Illinois Institute of Technology and Director of the Institute of Food Safety and Health ( He is often quoted in the media when issues of food safety come up and he joins me to offer some practical suggestions to keep your food safe and explains some fascinating details about food safety including why it is actually a good thing when food spoils and smells bad and gets all slimy.  


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Lili Jafari

where can I find the transcription of the podcast ?

Mar 22nd

One Clips

Worst podcast I've ever listened to. Go ahead and put more ads into your podcast you greedy cunt

Mar 18th

Old man

sometimes people use Um and Ah to hold onto the floor. They don't want to give other people a chance to speak.

Mar 15th
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If You Don’t Like Your Voice -This Will Fix It & Facts About Food You Never Knew

If You Don’t Like Your Voice -This Will Fix It & Facts About Food You Never Knew

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