DiscoverShares for BeginnersIlan Israelstam - Investing in Cybersecurity
Ilan Israelstam - Investing in Cybersecurity

Ilan Israelstam - Investing in Cybersecurity

Update: 2020-08-21


How do you profit from crime without risking a lengthy prison sentence?

Ilan IIsraelstam is the co-founder of ETF provider Betashares. He joined me to discuss ETFs and in particular the HACK cybersecurity ETF. We discussed his business history from DJ services through to global strategy. He's a very smart guy and a lovely guest. There's some great lessons here for the beginner investor and an overview of a thematic ETF linked to secular growth. Don't worry if that sounds complicated, we explain those terms in this episode.

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Ilan Israelstam - Investing in Cybersecurity

Ilan Israelstam - Investing in Cybersecurity