DiscoverTopic Lords67. Immersion Blended Lasagna
67. Immersion Blended Lasagna

67. Immersion Blended Lasagna

Update: 2021-02-01


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  • Are there any negatives to having an easy mode that takes the player through the entire game? Should the "best ending" be locked somehow in easy mode?

  • Why are we drawn to art that updisturbs, depresses, or scares? (And yes, "catharsis" is a weak answer!)

  • How Super Mario 35 (and maybe battle royales in general) solved the worst unsolvable problem of multiplayer

  • John asks: "Licensing issues and content guidelines have led to a homogenized aesthetic on YouTube that leads to all produced-in-bulk videos for children having the same sound effects and music."

  • What's different (better or worse) about playing games with kids? Do you play games with your kids?

  • What sports would be more interesting with low/0 gravity? Or with higher gravity?

  • Tim's vegan commune cooking disaster stories


  • Shoot 1-Up.

  • Controlling all your spaceships at the same time.

  • The big thing about Galaga.

  • The forever scrolling timeline of new content that you're fed all the time.

  • The funniest Boris Vallejo painting.

  • Being bummed to find out that Boris Vallejo was looking at people and painting them rather than just imagining them.

  • Name-dropping Tom of Finland.

  • Staring at pink blobs all the time.

  • Making sure you're not wearing your good socks because they're about to be blown off.

  • Looping the game twice with no deaths and no bombs.

  • Jamestown.

  • Being forced to do something unpleasant to feel a sense of satisfaction when you are given what you want.

  • Not supporting an easy mode as well as you should have because you assumed those people could just play co-op.

  • Bringing in a playtester who has never used a mouse before.

  • Not valuing your own fake accomplishments as much because other people accomplished the same fake accomplishments more easily.

  • Save the Date, by Chris Cornell.

  • Having to wake up to play Super Hard mode.

  • The necessity of hand-tuning all the enemy AI in shoot em up difficulty levels.

  • Psychoanalyzing the entire human race at once.

  • People turning to media to experience strong emotions.

  • Whether it's easier to elicit good or bad emotions in the viewer.

  • The safety of seeing a horrible thing that will definitely never happen to you.

  • Being unusually upset by the Boston Marathon bombing because you recently ran a marathon.

  • Knowing that an album is going to fuck you up because it is too proximate, and choosing not to listen.

  • A scary movie taking months to purge from your brain.

  • The relief of when the demons show up.

  • People lining up at a party to play That Dragon Cancer.

  • How movies basically never hurt children.

  • Wanting to know what's in the box but also knowing that what's in the box will ruin your life for months.

  • How you lose half the time in multiplayer games.

  • Super Mario 35.

  • The various ways video games can make you feel like you're winning harder.

  • Taking turns feeling good at video games.

  • We Didn't Playtest This At All

  • Everybody choosing a number and everybody who chose 5 being the winner.

  • Trying to win at Scrabble based on style points.

  • Coming up with as many secondary win conditions as possible so that everybody can win even if they lost.

  • Choosing a safeword to indicate that it's time to switch topics.

  • Making all your own opulently animated scenes.

  • Playing games as a way to develop social relationships.

  • Empowering your son to express himself even though he's making a shitty Pokemon deck.

  • Finding non-combat activities to do with the Pokemon that are not very good at combat.

  • Buying SNES Classic to play games with your son and then realizing that there are more worthwhile games to play than those that merely entertain.

  • Games which give you value that you can take out into the world.

  • Wanting to show your kid the good stuff so that they can have a better life than you did.

  • Learning music theory by listening to Justin Bieber.

  • Worrying that you'll pollute your kid's natural interests with your taste in video games.

  • A very nice video game world for other people to explore.

  • Staring at people and saying "papaya" until they're like "why do you keep saying papaya"

  • Skateboarding in low gravity.

  • Full contact basketball with trampolines.

  • Immersion Blender Night.

  • Immersion blended salad.

  • Immersion blended vegan lasagna.

  • Learning the hard way that flambe does not burn off that much of the alcohol.

  • A gargantuan stock pot of chocolatey oatmeal that is far too salty for human consumption.

  • Improvising around your cooking mistakes.

  • Promising to talk about Paddington 2 next episode.

  • Going to the Giant Squid web page and checking out Tim's bio.

  • Barf-sealed copies of Pig Eat Ball.

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67. Immersion Blended Lasagna

67. Immersion Blended Lasagna

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