DiscoverA Date With DatelineIn A Lonely Place S.27 Ep.11
In A Lonely Place S.27 Ep.11

In A Lonely Place S.27 Ep.11

Update: 2019-12-122


Dateline friends, fans, flistners and general people of the world- welcome to "In A Lonely Place", a Dateline episode where everything changed. Where were you when you heard it? Do you remember life before you heard it? Did you break up with your significant other, quit your job and move to another country when you heard it because nothing before you heard it made sense to you anymore since you heard it? You may be asking yourself at this point...What is "it" and could "it" possible be that important? More important then getting my friends and family the perfect gift while actively trying to avoid all local shopping centers so I don't get Whammed*?! This episode may be all the holiday gift you will ever need. As Tiny Tim once said...God bless us every one.

Episode also features mysterious emails, Matt Murphy in a wetsuit, and a charming pillar of the community named Johnny Vegas in addition to “it." Have we mentioned “it."?

*Whammed refers to the contest Whamageddon which if you don't know what it is (Kimberly STAY CALM) please be directed to our many tweets and instagram posts on the subject of all things WHAM.

Official Description from NBCU: A California entrepreneur abruptly leaves his business to travel the world, and his family is shocked to find out he was murdered. The convicted killer speaks out for the first time. Keith Morrison reports.

This episode is dedicated to Patroni Gabrielle L and Leanne H! Thank you both so much for your long time support of our show! We couldn't do these weekly episodes without you!

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In A Lonely Place S.27 Ep.11

In A Lonely Place S.27 Ep.11

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