In Retrospect

In Retrospect

Update: 2022-12-241


And just like that, 2022 is coming to a close. On this week's On the Media, a look back at our year of coverage, from Russia’s war on Ukraine, to an unprecedented rise in book bannings at home. Tune in to hear about the fights, fictions, and things we’re still figuring out.

With excerpts from:

  1. Is Talk of a Possible 'New' Civil War Useful?

  2. The Perils of a Gauzy History

  3. How Meduza is Adapting to Russia's Crackdown on Speech

  4. When the World Starts to Look Away

  5. Joe Rogan's Podcast isn't Just 'Entertainment'

  6. Musk And The International Reach of Twitter

  7. How Anti-LGBTQ Rhetoric Foreshadowed a Deadly Shooting

  8. Republicans' Latest Go-To Dog Whistle

  9. How to Interview a 'Big Lie' Believer

  10. In Georgia, a Conservative Elections Official Stands Up to the Big Lie

  11. How Books Get Removed from Classrooms and Libraries

  12. Parents vs. Democracy

  13. Libraries Under Attack

  14. The Big Sigh: An Assessment of Our Economic Future

  15. This Much Death is Not 'Normal'

  16. The State of Our Immunity

  17. Should the Country See What an Assault Rifle Does to the Body of a Child?

  18. How Racism Ended a Renaissance of Weight

  19. Donald Trump, Ye, and The New Old Anti-Semitism


What's That Sound by Michael Andrews
Lost, Night by Bill Frisell 
Fallen Leaves by Marcos Ciscar
Eye Surgery by Thomas Newman
German Lullaby by The Kiboomers
Gormenghast by John Zorn
Berotim by John Zorn featuring Bill Frisell, Carol Emanuel, and Kenny Wollesen

Cellar Door by Michael Andrews
Liquid Spear Waltz by Michael Andrews
Harpsichord by Four Tet










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In Retrospect

In Retrospect

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