Indianapolis (S3E6)

Indianapolis (S3E6)

Update: 2022-05-17


Today we're taking a trip, as Rob Lowe and Alan Yang recap the sixth episode of Parks and Rec's third season! In "Indianapolis" Leslie and Ron journey to Indianapolis to receive a commendation from the state. On today's episode find out why S3E6 could have been the last episode for Chris Traeger, how the Ron Swanson meat meme evolved, how blocking for tv works, and the rare dramatic turn in this episode that raised the stakes! All of this and your host's favorite steakhouses! Got a question for the Pawnee Town Hall? Send us an email: Or leave a 30-Second voicemail at: (310) 893-6992

Leslie and Ron head up to Indianapolis to receive a commendation at the Indiana Statehouse for reestablishing the Pawnee Harvest Festival. On the way, it is clear that Ron has only agreed to come for the opportunity to eat at Charles Mulligan's Steak House. Ann, worried about the state of her and Chris’ relationship, asks Leslie to look for signs of whether Chris is cheating on her while she’s there. Leslie and Ron stop at Chris' apartment to pick him up for dinner, where Leslie discovers a woman's razor and a pink swimming cap in the bathroom. Upon hearing this, Ann decides to drive up to Indianapolis to confront Chris and his cheating ways.

Back in Pawnee, Tom convinces the Parks Dept (including a reluctant Ben) to attend Dennis Feinstein’s cologne launch party at the Snakehole Lounge. Tom hopes to pitch his new cologne “Tommy Fresh” to Dennis, but Dennis is disgusted by the scent and tells Tom the cologne industry is not for him. And back in Indianapolis—to Ron's horror, when he, Chris, and Leslie arrive at Charles Mulligan's Steakhouse they discover it has been shut down by the health department. Chris invites everyone back to his place to eat, but to Ron's further horror, Chris has prepared a vegetarian meal.

Ann eventually shows up at Chris' apartment and accuses him of cheating. Chris explains he shaves his legs with the lady’s razor for swimming and that the pink shower cap is from his participation in a breast cancer awareness triathlon. More importantly though, Chris tells Ann that they actually broke up over a week ago. Ann realizes that Chris was so positive in how he ended the relationship that she was totally oblivious to the breakup and is completely mortified.

At the Snakehole Ben cheers up a down-trodden Tom and tells him not to give up on his dreams, admitting that he considers Tom his friend. Andy and April, now dating and both broke, hold a contest to see how much free stuff they can get at the party. They earn $218 by posing as staff and accepting tips, but end up feeling guilty and put the money in the bartender’s jar at the end of the night.

Seeing how distraught Ann is, Leslie decides to let Ron attend the commendation ceremony solo and instead cheers Ann up with embarrassing dating stories of her own as she drives Ann back to Pawnee. They and the rest of the Parks Dept end up at the Snakehole Lounge and Ben begins to realize that he is in fact making friends with the folks at the Parks Dept. As the night winds down, Ben avenges Tom by pouring "Tommy Fresh" all over the inside of Dennis' parked SUV and a starving Ron goes to a diner in Indianapolis and orders all of the eggs and bacon that they have.

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Indianapolis (S3E6)

Indianapolis (S3E6)

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