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Inside Change with Justin Michael Williams and Ben Decker

Inside Change with Justin Michael Williams and Ben Decker

Update: 2022-10-12


This week your host Ben Decker welcomes musician, author and mindfulness teacher, Justin Michael Williams onto the show. Justin just traveled across America to the frontlines of the mental health crisis afflicting young activists today. Collaborating with his friends, and award-winning musicians the Brothers Koren, they go on a songwriting journey to turn their pain into inspirational anthems for change while learning more about what it truly means to change on the inside.

"What Generation Z is dealing with are things like "Imposter Syndrome," being 21 and everyone thinking you're going to save the world. We did shadow work and internal work to help them break through and we actually had them turn that pain into art, we wrote a song with them and then I went to the recording studio and we actually made an album of all their songs." - Justin Michael Williams

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From growing up with gunshot holes outside of his bedroom window to sharing the stage with Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra, Justin Michael Williams knows well the power of healing to overcome. This dynamic millennial who grew up marginalized in almost every way teaches meditation as a means of self-empowerment to those who need it most. But he’s not your grandma’s guru. In breaking the meditation mold, he shows others how to break free from the past and take action to create a new future. He is an author, transformational speaker, and top 20 recording artist who has been featured by The Wall Street Journal,, Yoga Journal,, The Root, and South by Southwest®. With his groundbreaking new book Stay Woke and over a decade of teaching experience, Justin has become a pioneering voice for diversity and inclusion in wellness.

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Inside Change with Justin Michael Williams and Ben Decker

Inside Change with Justin Michael Williams and Ben Decker

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