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Inside Duran Jones's Magic Community

Inside Duran Jones's Magic Community

Update: 2018-08-31


Duran Jones and I have known each other for over ten years and have worked on a ton of music together as we were coming up and honing our craft. Today we reflect on this history and catch up on new projects as he returns to the same lab where we spent countless hours years before. His developed wisdom and artisanship are palpable as we sit down to listen to and discuss his latest album BLKMGC, pronounced black magic.

BLK Magic is an honest introspection of an artist who struggles with the realities of everyday life including disappointment and the questioning of faith. It is also driven by the descriptions of dreams that drive him to strive for greatness, over and over again. Oh, and did I mention it is a profound and beautifully perceptive short film as well? In this podcast, we discuss how jotting down a concept for a music video turned into a script for movie and eventually evolved into a straight up musical. Now he tours the film festival circuit enjoying accolades and respect among the indie film community he enjoys seeing people to open their minds up to the music in a different way, by putting his music into an entirely fresh context.

We discuss what it takes to accomplish something on this scale independently, music as mental therapy, and find ourselves continually coming back to a theme of community that seems to be the spark behind the essence of BLKMGC.

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Inside Duran Jones's Magic Community

Inside Duran Jones's Magic Community

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