Inside Impeachment

Inside Impeachment

Update: 2021-01-303


Dahlia Lithwick is joined by Daniel Goldman, who spearheaded the first round of impeachment hearings in the House in December 2019 as the senior adviser and director of investigations for the U.S. House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. They examine what impeachment last time can teach us about impeachment this time, and why we’ve got to stop thinking like lawyers when it comes to the Senate trial.

In our Slate Plus segment, Mark Joseph Stern joins Dahlia to discuss the attempted sub-coup at the Justice Department, the first Biden-era sightings of the long tail of Trump’s judicial appointments, and the conservative legal establishment’s choice to embrace Trumpists after Jan. 6. 

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Michael Meenan

Dahlia - Thank you for providing an excellent analysis of scienter - that establishes the mens rea of Trump's criminal culpability. I was very pleased that you mentioned Trump's stochastic behavior and cited Michael Cohen's testimony as a means toward dismantling any plausible deniability. I think the Senate trial should be bifurcated: first, deal with the constitutionality of the proceeding; and, second, proceed to the merits. This will force Republican senators to rule on Trump's culpability separately from the constitutionality of the proceeding. And, of course, it is constitutional. Trump was impeached prior to leaving office, and viable remedies remain. The fact that he was legally required to leave office is irrelevant.

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Inside Impeachment

Inside Impeachment

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