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Inspiration From A New Member

Inspiration From A New Member

Update: 2021-01-10


Brother Joe Motta from Reno Lodge #14 in Nevada joins us to talk about his experience in joining the lodge last October and share his thoughts about making Odd Fellowship more accessible to younger members.  He's in a perfect position to offer that insight since he's twenty-one years old and is working hard to bring new members into his lodge and revitalize Odd Fellowship in Nevada.  Joe has some brilliant insights that will be easily adaptable to many lodges.  His greatest insight is that young potential members want to know what they're going to get out of Odd Fellowship before they investigate joining so lodges need to be ready to communicate that.  The Shoutout goes to newly-chartered Ghana Lodge #1 in Accra, Ghana, Africa.  After the break, Toby, Ainslie, and Christopher McHale discuss Joe's insights and observations until the conversation devolves into a discussion of preferred snack foods.  Ainslie shares the difficulty in contacting the Grand Lodge of Utah to refer a member inquiry, Toby rants about how lodges need to make themselves discoverable, and Christopher previews his new podcast "The Lonely Hammer."  Note: Regular host Brother Sergio is still on assignment to the Material Sciences Division and we hope he will be back to hosting with us soon.

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Inspiration From A New Member

Inspiration From A New Member

Toby Hanson, Ainslie Heilich, Sergio Paredes