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Inspiration in Space with  Dr. Sian Proctor

Inspiration in Space with Dr. Sian Proctor

Update: 2022-04-12


This week the REACH team is honored to talk to  geoscientist, explorer, space artist, author,  and astronaut Dr. Sian Proctor about the Inspiration4 all-civilian orbital mission to space, her Space2Inspire,  and so much more. Then we have a special surprise in store for National Poetry Month - all on this episode of REACH.


Hosts: Brian Holden and Meredith Stepien 

Written by: Sandy Marshall with Nate DuFort, Meredith Stepien and Brian Holden. 

Co-Created, Produced by: Nate DuFort and Sandy Marshall 

Edited by: Nate DuFort

Music composed by: Jesse Case

Logo by: Steven Lyons


Special thanks to Dr. Sian Proctor, geoscientist, explorer, space artist, author, speaker, and astronaut. To purchase a copy of Space2Inspire: The Art of Inspiration, go to

Dr. Sian Proctor online:


Twitter: @DrSianProctor

Instagram: @DrSianProctor
Facebook: @Dr.Sian.Proctor



Art Prints by Dr. Sian Proctor

Special thanks to Astro Ryan for sharing the poem “My Dream of Outer Space!”


We’d also like to offer a special thanks to Kay Ferrari at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and to everyone at NASA Space Place.

About Dr. Sian Proctor:

Dr. Proctor is a geoscientist, explorer, space artist, and astronaut. She is the mission pilot for the Inspiration4 all-civilian orbital mission to space. She is also one of The Explorer’s Club 50: Fifty People Changing the World. Her motto is called Space2inspire where she encourages people to use their unique, one-of-a-kind strengths, and passion to inspire those within their reach and beyond. She believes that we need to actively strive for a J.E.D.I. space: a just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive space as we advance human spaceflight.


Watch Meredith (as Stacey Quasar) interview Dr. Proctor for Adler Planetarium's space comedy show Wow! Signal here:


NASA: Extreme Space Facts



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Inspiration in Space with  Dr. Sian Proctor

Inspiration in Space with Dr. Sian Proctor

Nate DuFort