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Inspired Health with Nick Jones

Inspired Health with Nick Jones

Update: 2023-05-15


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S02E05 - Join me as I get personal with my longtime friend and bodybuilding mentor, Nick Jones, who shares his inspiring story of overcoming a troubled past and dedicating 33 years of his life to nutrition, health, and wellness. We discuss the impact of health and wellbeing on actors' careers, and Nick gives us a sneak peek into his podcast Inspiration. We also explore how Nick's experience starting his successful supplement brand, GenTech Nutrition, fueled his passion for bodybuilding and commitment to health and wellness.

We dive into the world of maintaining a healthy diet for actors on the go, how to make smart food choices, and the effects of aging on our nutritional needs. Nick offers invaluable advice on optimizing gut health with probiotics and performance supplements, empowering actors and others to lead healthier lifestyles. Together, we explore the importance of finding an exercise routine you enjoy and emphasize the critical role diet plays in achieving your desired body recomposition results.

Don't miss this insightful and engaging conversation with Nick Jones, as he shares his wealth of knowledge and experience in the realm of bodybuilding, health, and wellness. From building muscle and losing fat to achieving optimal body recomposition through proper nutrition, exercise, and hydration, this episode is packed with valuable life lessons and practical tips to help you live your best life - both on and off stage.

Check out Gen-tec Nutrition online for training and health advice.

Follow Nick on Instagram at Nick Jones World Champion for regular training and nutrition videos.

And check out Nick's podcast 'Inspired by Nick Jones' wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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Inspired Health with Nick Jones

Inspired Health with Nick Jones

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