DiscoverThe Modern Spirituality ShowInspired Living with Desi Valentine and Ben Decker
Inspired Living with Desi Valentine and Ben Decker

Inspired Living with Desi Valentine and Ben Decker

Update: 2023-03-09


Your host Ben Decker welcomes shamanic healer, founder of energy cleansing products company, DV Elementals, and musical artist Desi Valentine onto the show where they discuss:
✨ Desi's path with magic and spirituality beginning at age 10. 
✨ Practicing Self Care as Ceremony 
✨ Desi's hit song 'Fate Don't Know You', on the TV show 'Suits' starring Meghan Markle    
✨  The importance of precise, proper breath work  

Desi studied Pranic healing under Tony Robbins’s personal healer, Master Stephen Co & studied with some of the finest spiritual teachers from around the world in plant medicine facilitation. Desi is the creator of elemental healing technique that blends energy & sound manipulation using his voice & harnessing the power from the elements. 

As a recording artist Desi has graced stages all over the world with such legendary artist’s as Blondie, Gloria Estefan & Sir Elton John named him a true artist in his own right. Valentine shot to success when his song ‘Fate don’t know you’ topped the viral charts across the globe and has 30 million plays across multiple platforms.

Desi is also the Founder of DV Elemental, an innovative line of energy cleansing products.

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Inspired Living with Desi Valentine and Ben Decker

Inspired Living with Desi Valentine and Ben Decker