DiscoverInternCLE PodcastInternCLE Episode 038 Internship 101 - Work and Learning
InternCLE Episode 038 Internship 101 - Work and Learning

InternCLE Episode 038 Internship 101 - Work and Learning

Update: 2020-02-14


InternCLE Episode  038 Internship 101 – Work and Learning

1)      Train your team

a.    Train mentors and managers

b.    Meet with them before the internship begins to set expectations

c.     Create a “What do interns want to know” cheat sheet

d.    Set expectations for mentors and managers on how you want them to work with you, the internship coordinator

2)      Provide Meaningful work

a.    Be prepared for them to churn through work

b.    Prep back up projects or training opportunities

c.     Don’t assign case studies or coursework that is too similar to their college classes

d.    Try establishing mini-rotations or shadowing opportunities, departments can talk to interns about what their area does in relation to corporate objectives

e.    Focus on real work opportunities

f.      Use interns to research initiatives or new products your company is thinking of pursuing, have them assess if it is a good idea for the company

g.    Give them tasks that you have been doing for a long time, ask them to come up with a better way to do it or automate it

3)      Provide Learning opportunities 

a.    Use lunch and learns or special interest groups to add learning to the internship experience

b.    Don’t be afraid to use outside providers of content for career coaching or “adulting” topics for your interns (See below for a local provider)

c.     Assessment test, MBTI, DISC, Emotional Intelligence can help your interns learn about themselves and their strengths/weaknesses – which we like to call opportunities

d.    Prove opportunity to develop relevant technical skills

e.    Educate your interns on all the related business processes in your organization

f.      Don’t overlook basic professional skill building – communications, presentation, email writing and more

Candace Swaisgood of Adulting a Crash Course

Coming next in the Internship 101 series – Networking and Fun! 

Around town:

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InternCLE Episode 038 Internship 101 - Work and Learning

InternCLE Episode 038 Internship 101 - Work and Learning

Annette Kramer