DiscoverInternCLE PodcastInternCLE Episode 056 - Rovisys - Kyle Heyward
InternCLE Episode 056 - Rovisys - Kyle Heyward

InternCLE Episode 056 - Rovisys - Kyle Heyward

Update: 2020-11-06


It's not often you learn so much about an industry from one of our podcast interviews.  If you don't know much about the manufacturing automation space, this interview is for you! 

Rovisys is a local (headquartered in Aurora, Ohio) engineering consulting firm.  Kyle Heyward is the Talent Acquisition Manager for Rovisys.  Kyle's background gives him a unique perspective into the hiring of talent for the internship program.  Rovisys offers engineering internship and co-ops.  Typically they employ between 40-50 interns a year. 

The current pandemic hasn't changed the way they work as much as you would think.  They work with essential manufacturers and are themselves considered an essential business.   They are of course putting in extra safety precautions for their team members.

Kyle shared with us that a passion for the industry is a good start to being qualified for an internship at Rovisys.  But you better do your homework on the company and bring some professional skills to match your technical acumen.   Rovisys provides a very hands on internship experience and retains upwards of 85% of its interns. 

Employers will enjoy Kyle's thoughts on making time for exit interviews and following up on the takeaways from them.   The feedback from interns guides how Rovisys runs their program. 
To connect with Rovisys check out their website or LinkedIn pages:

Around Town:
Congratulations to Matt Sajna and the team at the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission. 
GCSC won the 2019 Sports Commission of the Year Award from the Sports Event and Tourism Association. Matt Sajna shared the GCSC's internship program on Episode 44 of the podcast. Listen here.

I am thankful for a trip down to the Mohican State Park and Lodge this week with my son.  Check out their deals here

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InternCLE Episode 056 - Rovisys - Kyle Heyward

InternCLE Episode 056 - Rovisys - Kyle Heyward

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