DiscoverLeafbox PodcastInterview: Jennifer Militzer-Kopperl
Interview: Jennifer Militzer-Kopperl

Interview: Jennifer Militzer-Kopperl

Update: 2022-11-29


Remedial Literacy Specialist, Author, and Waldorf Literacy Curriculum Advisor

While at first the following interview might appear only to be of interest and highly specific to the world of Waldorf educators, parents and students - rest assured that I can recommend it to a broader community. Valuable lessons and questions arise from the conversation with Jennifer Milizer-Kopperal including but not limited to the role of alternative education, the philosophy of Rudolph Steiner, the role of technology in education and learning, the holistic importance of literacy, multi-lingual environments, child development and other related broad topics etc. 

Jennifer Milizer-Kopperal is a literacy remedial specialist, author and educator developing and improving literacy programs in Waldorf Education. 

She is the co-author along with Janet Langley of the The Roadmap to Literacy: A Guide to Teaching Language Arts in Waldorf Schools Grades 1 through 3The guide provides clear guidance on teaching literacy in the early grades. It builds off the work of Rudolf Steiner, founder of Waldorf education, by adding in material that is specific to the English language as well as modern research in literacy skills. 

She is also also author of the sequel Continuing the Journey to Literacy: A Guide to Teaching Language Arts in Waldorf Schools Grades 4 through 8  Students in this collection then dive into the subject blocks and learn about English, history, geography, natural science, and more. 

Jennifer’s two books form a complete program for teaching language arts in Waldorf Schools grades 1–8. She calls this program Renewal of Literacy. Jennifer is also the creator of

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Also recommend reading Jennifer's post interview notes that are available within the interview transcription.

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Interview: Jennifer Militzer-Kopperl

Interview: Jennifer Militzer-Kopperl