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Interview with Great Good Fine OK

Interview with Great Good Fine OK

Update: 2024-04-30


We had the pleasure of interviewing Great Good Fine Ok over Zoom video!

LA-via-Brooklyn synth-pop sensation Great Good Fine Ok has unveiled their latest musical endeavor, EXIST EP, via Nettwerk. The EP features the new single/music video “Led Me To You,” propelled by an infectious groove and soaring vocals.

The EXIST EP features a collection of colorful, groove-laden tracks that establishes Great Good Fine Ok's innovative blend of synth-pop, showcasing their ability to create upbeat melodies and compelling lyrics. A sprawling voyage that transcends sonic boundaries and explores the multifaceted aspects of existence, the EP is another testament to the duo's growth as artists and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of the genre, while balancing both introspective and uplifting material.

The latest single "Led Me To You," is driven by catchy hooks and dynamic production. With “Led Me To You,” the snappy groove uplifts another towering display of vocal fireworks. The track explores themes of resilience and finding love in unexpected places, as explained by lead single Jon Sandler, “To a degree, everyone experiences trauma. Most people do find happiness in relationships, so it’s a healthy way to look at it, ‘Hardship led me to you’.”

"Breathing" is a sonic journey through pulsating basslines, simmering drums, and wah-wah groans, all set against a neon-hued backdrop. The track encapsulates the band's signature blend of groovy yet sonically dynamic elements, creating an immersive and infectious musical experience. Paired with “Breathing” is a stunning music video directed by Zebulon Griffin (Jonah Kagen, UPSAHL) and the team at Columinati Films (Griffin, Cory Messer, Robyn Griffin). The visuals explore the surreal scenario of people continuing with mundane tasks amidst a crumbling world. A satirical portrayal of human indifference, the clip invites viewers to consider the possibility of alternate realities through vibrant neon portals.

"Will We Make It?" demonstrates a revitalized soundscape of Great Good Fine Ok, blending warbling vocals with bass-y synths that are sure to entice listeners. Behind the lush and otherworldly production is multi-instrumentalist Luke Moellman, whose spacey production adds depth and dimension transporting listeners to a sonic realm where emotion and music collide in new and enthralling ways. The track features hypnotic high register gliding over a bridge that sets the stage for Sandler's emotionally charged plea, "I really need to know right now, will we make it?" This lyrical exclamation delves into the uncertainty that often accompanies today’s complex world of relationships and connections with a relatable perspective.

With “Blame,” a soft piano underscores breathy verses only for the momentum to turn on a dime into a funkified, falsetto-powered hook backed by steady handclaps, strutting guitars, boisterous horns, and a disco beat practically tailormade for Studio 54 (as re-conceived in the metaverse). The tender finale “Make This Moment Last” sees the duo lace a head-nodding bounce with raw vulnerability. “It’s about losing someone and being nostalgic,” shares Sandler. “If you had more time, you feel like you’d appreciate it more.

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Interview with Great Good Fine OK

Interview with Great Good Fine OK

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