DiscoverStrange ParadigmsBEYOND EXTRAORDINARY - Interview with Jimmy Church
BEYOND EXTRAORDINARY - Interview with Jimmy Church

BEYOND EXTRAORDINARY - Interview with Jimmy Church

Update: 2022-04-061


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BEYOND EXTRAORDINARY - Cristina talks with Jimmy Church, Host of Fade to Black Radio, career talk show host, researcher, and documentary narrator.

In this episode of Shifting the Paradigm with Cristina Gomez, we take a look at the incredible life and experiences of Jimmy Church, his long term fascination with UFOs and the Paranormal.

Jimmy Church is the host of FADE to BLACK, a nightly talk-radio show that is broadcast live 7-10pm PST on the Game Changer Network on iHeartRadio and syndicated on KUNXdb. The show is broadcast out on every major live internet stream including: Spreaker, TuneIn, Shoutcast, Icecast, Voscast and Talk Stream Live. F2B is one of the biggest and highest-rated shows on the internet and is a traditional late-night long-form conversation program with a paranormal/UFO/conspiracy format.

Ranked #12 by Talk Stream Live: The Top 50 Most Influential National Talk-show Hosts 2021.
Radio: Former fill-in host on Coast to Coast AM, Premiere Radio Networks/iHeartradio 2014-2020.

Film: Producer and cast member for "The Observers", 2021, distributed by 1091 Films.
Film: Narrator for "Extraordinary: The Revelations", 2021 by J3Films, distributed by 1091 Films.
TV: "Hangar 1: The UFO Files" series on the History Channel. "Time Beings: Time-Travel Conspiracies", the History Channel. "Expedition X" on the Travel Channel and featured in the documentary, 'UFO Coverups: Secrets Revealed'.
TV: Host of "The Unexplained" and "Breaking Mysterious" on the History Channel/A&E Networks.

FADE to BLACK covers everything from UFOs, time-travel, lost civilizations and fringe science. We have only the biggest, best and brightest guests on the show and our standards are very, very high.

FADE to BLACK is the largest in the genre and we continue to grow our audience through a very dedicated social media presence via Twitter, FB and YouTube.
Past guests include Michio Kaku, Stanton Friedman, Travis Walton, Richard Dolan, Robert Schoch, John Anthony West, Jason Martell, Steve Murillo, Linda Moulton Howe, David Icke, David Wilcock, John B. Wells, Andrew Collins, James Fox, Tracy Torme, Jim Marrs, Michael Tellinger, Dan Folger, Nick Pope, John Major Jenkins, Nick Redfern, Leslie Kean, Bryce Zabel, Don Schmitt, Jesse Marcel, Daniel Sheehan, Steven Greer, Lue Elizondo, John Greenewald, Giorgio Tsoukalos, Graham Hancock, Sean Stone, Scott Wolter, Whitley Strieber, George Noory, Billy Carson, Avi Loeb.








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BEYOND EXTRAORDINARY - Interview with Jimmy Church

BEYOND EXTRAORDINARY - Interview with Jimmy Church

Cristina Gomez