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Interview with Lillian Hepler

Interview with Lillian Hepler

Update: 2024-05-17


We had the pleasure of interviewing Lillian Hepler over Zoom video!

Lillian Hepler tells the stories many of us are afraid of admitting. A dynamic and versatile pop artist, she weaves her own experiences into her songs, conveying the kaleidoscope of emotions she so deeply feels. In turn, her songs provide an insight into the openhearted and honest person she is while also becoming the universal soundtrack for her listeners. 
Born and raised in Utah, Lillian started singing before she could even speak. Even as a child, she was steadfast in her decision to pursue music — even if some people around her thought she was being naive. At 13, she began uploading covers and at 15 she began penning her own songs to help her both perfect her craft and find her audience.

Over the past few years, Lillian dedicated herself to experimenting with music and producers, sharpening her own skillset as an artist. Following the release of singles like "Nightmare" and "Easy," she amassed millions of streams and over 2.2 million feverish fans on TikTok. But now, at 22, Lillian feels like she’s starting a new chapter with music that matches her essence as an artist.

That next era brings Lillian’s highly anticipated forthcoming EP, including the punchy pop track, “Call Me Yours.” Inspired by being over situationships and hookup culture. “Call Me Yours’ is about being in a relationship where you’re not exclusive but you’re not seeing anyone else,” Lillian explains. 

Across the EP, Lillian hones in on the things that have been plaguing her for the past few years. On “Lillian,” she touches on a friendship breakup, whereas “Famous” lets the inspiration know that they haven’t really fazed her. In one of the most confessional songs “IDK Her,” Lillian lists out real names of people her now-ex blindsided her with. Despite publicly dealing with all of this, Lillian stays true to the girl who dreamed of being where she is now by keeping her head high and writing about it instead.

Combining the cheekiness of pop artists like Sabrina Carpenter with the vulnerable storytelling of songwriters like Gracie Abrams, Lillian’s upcoming releases show that she’s primed to be music’s next big thing. At its core, Lillian’s forthcoming collection of songs serves as a snapshot into her life so far — showcasing her ability to astutely acknowledge her own story while making it something that anyone with as big a heart as hers can relate to. 

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Interview with Lillian Hepler

Interview with Lillian Hepler

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