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Into The Dark S.27 Ep.55

Into The Dark S.27 Ep.55

Update: 2019-09-191


This episode, the incomparable Keith Morrison is out in the elements of the beautiful Utah landscape whilst being well out of his element when the circumstances surrounding the murder of a sweet young college girl take a startling turn to the sour side of internet dating sites. That’s right. We’re talking sugaring- what it is, should we be doing it, and how does Keith compose himself so well whilst discussing it with a sex worker, a sex writer, and a P.I. who is not the same P.I. from 60 Days In. Kimberly and Katie are ready for their trip “into the dark” underbelly of sugar babies. And boy do I wish I meant the candy. Hold on to your milk duds and enjoy this very, very, very special episode of A Date with Dateline.

Official Description from NBCU: When college student MacKenzie Lueck vanishes from a park in Salt Lake City, her friends are dedicated to finding answers. Keith Morrison reports on the search that made national headlines and the secret that shocked even her closest friends.

This week’s episode is dedicated to the one and only Cindy Boxer. Your witty banter lights up the dim world of social media. And we are pretty sure technically if we don’t say smile or room you are safe. And we DEFINITELY need you to remain on this earth. This one’s for you!

A big slobbery thank you so much to our very cool sponsor this week! For the love we feel for our furry friends please check out the services at BarkBox! Give the special pup in your life a little extra TLC (Treats/loving/care) this Fall!

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Into The Dark S.27 Ep.55

Into The Dark S.27 Ep.55

A Date With Dateline- Kimberly and Katie