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Intro CRM Beta Release

Intro CRM Beta Release

Update: 2021-01-27


Let's talk about what made it into the beta release and the problems he's trying to solve with Intro CRM. Learn how freelancers and entrepreneurs can quickly add deals; integrate with tools like Basecamp, Trello, and Asana; and forecast your cash flow.

The overall theme for the episode is making the most of the leads you have. If you have a leaky funnel, it's not much good pouring more leads into it—particularly if you're bootstrapping.

Harris is looking for ideas and feedback about how to make Intro CRM better. He's been able to generate interest and traffic, convert sign ups, but once people are in the app they aren't as active as he'd like to see. He needs to get folks to activate and use Intro CRM before leaving. Setting up their account, adding deals, etc. He shares how he's doing it right now and past approaches... But now clearly it's time for something new. Get a sense of the current process by signing up for Intro CRM.

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There's also a new social platform called Clubhouse. Harris received an invitation and is trying to get the hang of it. Are you on Clubhouse? Find him @harriskenny.

This show also won an award! Pipeline Meeting was given Honorable Mention in the 2020 SaaS Podcast Awards. Sincere thanks to the MicroConf community for their support. There were so many good shows, including a few that I listen to regularly:

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Intro CRM Beta Release

Intro CRM Beta Release