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Introducing: Give Me Away

Introducing: Give Me Away

Update: 2022-11-15


It's our pleasure to introduce Give Me Away, another fabulous series from the Fable & Folly Network.

Give Me Away is a thrilling and thoughtful sci-fi drama, that imagines: what if there was such a thing as consensual body snatchers, aliens that cohabit in the minds of willing humans. What does sharing a body look like?

They call the spaceship that crashed in the Nevada desert “The Ghosthouse” because it screams—the screams of thousands of extraterrestrial political prisoners uploaded into its horrific mainframe. The only way to free them... is to transfer them into the bodies of humans willing to share their minds with an alien second consciousness. But who would volunteer for that? Graham Shapiro, divorced and adrift at age 50, is one of the first to raise his hand.

Give Me Away is written by Mac Rogers, the creator of smash hit shows Steal The Stars, LifeAfter and The Message, which between them have been downloaded 10 million, so there's some series audio drama pedigree here. And that really shows in Give Me Away. As you'll hopefully have come to expect with all the podcasts that we share with you, Give Me Away is deftly written, with stunning sound design to put you right in the action, and a wonderful cast of actors.

And now it's our pleasure to share with you, Episode 1: Is That Thing Screaming

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Introducing: Give Me Away

Introducing: Give Me Away

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