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Introducing: Out Of Place

Introducing: Out Of Place

Update: 2022-12-24


Today we bring you the first episode of Out of Place, an audio fiction podcast we love! Each episode contains an analysis of an alternative timelines, and the errors of history that caused it to come into being. Read on or listen for more information on Out of Place.


Content Warning: This episode contains discussion of Death, Ritual Sacrifice, Trepanation, Lobotomy

Out of Place Entry #000: Ritual

Looking back, it all started with The Skull...

Created by Ben Counter

Theme by Tom Rory Parsons

Produced by Pacific S. Obadiah


More about Out of Place:

Andrew Moss doesn’t have much going for him, he dropped out of college, he lives alone, and his job involves staring at, and cataloguing every bit of broken pottery or “interesting” historic thing in the basement of the Carruthers Institute. That all changes when a mysterious package arrives from a Mr. Havisham- Inside is an artifact as mysterious as it is old. 

Mr. Havisham’s artifacts are a constant source of dread for Andrew, who is equal parts confused, excited, and terrified of their existence- Because they’re not just out of time, but out of place. Andrew suspects that these artifacts don’t come from our world at all, but another world, with another history. It’s the only thing that could explain the marks of trepanation on a skull from the 80’s, or a pamphlet from a world where Pompeii wasn’t covered in ash. 

If that’s the case… Who, or perhaps what is Mr. Havisham?

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Introducing: Out Of Place

Introducing: Out Of Place

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