DiscoverupsideIntroducing Lay of the Land [JE019]
Introducing Lay of the Land [JE019]

Introducing Lay of the Land [JE019]

Update: 2020-11-18


This week we're excited to introduce you to the first new show on the upside podcast network: Lay of The Land.

Jeffrey Stern is a New York City transplant building companies in Cleveland. And TheTagan is an Atlanta-born strategist with a passion for creating content to amplify voices.

We love learning about the Cleveland ecosystem and, if you're listening to this podcast, we bet you do to. We both moved here to work at startups, and we've had our fair share of ups and downs. We use those experiences to have REAL conversations about both opportunities and challenges in Cleveland.

We found from our experience and talking with local friends it was HARD to learn about ALL the Cleveland business ecosystem has to offer - Cleveland native or not. There is a dynamic network of resource hubs & initiatives that make it difficult for anyone to get a holistic view of Northeast Ohio.

And so, we're building this podcast to give you what we would have wanted when we arrived in Cleveland: a Lay of the Land.

Lay of The Land will air every Thursday beginning December 3 on the upside podcast network.

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Introducing Lay of the Land [JE019]

Introducing Lay of the Land [JE019]

Jay Clouse and Eric Hornung