DiscoverMindfully Recharged with Mariana ThomasIntroducing Mariana Thomas- Part 3.
Introducing Mariana Thomas- Part 3.

Introducing Mariana Thomas- Part 3.

Update: 2020-12-03


In this episode, Mariana talks about her journey as she came to the United States.

3:37 - An unexpected twist, when a bigger company bought out the company she was working for.

5:00 - When ego took over and how she handled it.

7:34 - How she got to the United States not knowing English, no job, and not a lot of money.

9:00 - Taking on one of the biggest challenges of her life - her big move.

11:18 - How she learned the English language.

"It was not easy. And of course, when you don't speak the language, you know people make fun and all that type of stuff."

17:31 - How she became a successful personal wellness trainer and certified in yoga and Pilates.

20:00 - Her move back to Georgia landed her a challenging job that led her program to be the number one in the country.

"...Adding value to people and I was doing it not only as a passion, but I believe it's a calling."

24:41 - On becoming the Regional Director of the program. How Mariana prepared herself for the next opportunity, even if she didn't know what it was.

27:32 - Her decision to listen to her calling to be on her own, she resigned from her job of 12 years.

30:11 - On starting her very own podcast.

"Adding value to people is the core of who I am. It doesn't matter what people say, it doesn't matter what people think of me. Because why they think of me, is who they are. It's not who I am."

This is the last of the 3-part introductory episodes that are all about Mariana's journey. Stay tuned for a new topic on Episode 4! Don't forget to subscribe!

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Introducing Mariana Thomas- Part 3.

Introducing Mariana Thomas- Part 3.

Mariana Thomas