DiscoverMindfully Recharged with Mariana ThomasIntroducing Mariana Thomas. Part 2
Introducing Mariana Thomas. Part 2

Introducing Mariana Thomas. Part 2

Update: 2020-11-26


In this episode, you'll get to know a little bit more about Mariana as she left high school and continued on this journey that's brought her here today as a leader, a Certified Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness teacher, and a Certified Coach. Interviewed by her good friend, Steve Simpson.

4:14 - Entering college and shared a little confession about not wanting to be a lawyer, and went for her chosen field instead - Human Resources.

5:41 - How she managed her time as a working student

7:50 - Landing her first corporate job.

11:15 - The value of working for Human Resources while in school

"You know what it taught me?  Commitment, responsibility, and that you can accomplish anything you want. That it was POSSIBLE." 

Having work experience before finishing school was a huge advantage and allowed her to take on bigger roles.

14:14 - Herself discovery working at a bigger company and having a boss that became very influential to her.

17:52 - Her new job as the Head of the HR Department and how she made an impact on the company by implementing her knowledge and experience. She created these programs that became her legacy:

  • Tied up with a health company and set up a Fitness Day for Women every six months
  • She came up with teams where families played football and pingpong every Sunday, to encourage everyone to stay healthy, build teamwork and increase connections.
  • Christmas party and birthday celebrations for the employees to honor them.
  • She created a scholarship for the members of the company, a chance for education and to learn something new.

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Introducing Mariana Thomas. Part 2

Introducing Mariana Thomas. Part 2

Mariana Thomas