DiscoverLimitless MindsetIntroducing Myself, My Story, and My Values
Introducing Myself, My Story, and My Values

Introducing Myself, My Story, and My Values

Update: 2018-01-252


If I had a less interesting life I would have made this podcast shorter. It will be worth your while to listen, you'll find it entertaining, educational, and provocative. If you're new to Limitless Mindset, this is the place to dive-in - I'd like you to get to know me, my story, values, and life philosophy.

All Resources Mentioned

1:44 Why listen

3:39 My values

7:40 Seduction

22:18 Christianity

29:50 Son of the west

35:40 Entrepreneurship

44:22 Biohacking

59:15 Travel

1:40:15 Other cultures

1:47:10 Dancing

1:52:13 Uncomfortableness

2:03:55 Reading

2:12:06 Mindfulness

2:16:30 Politics & Ideology

2:32:04 Transhumanism

2:37:47 The Limitless Mindset Secret Society


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I'm not a doctor, medical professional or trained therapist. I'm a researcher and pragmatic biohacking practitioner exercising free speech to share evidence as I find it. I make no claims. Please practice skepticism and rational critical thinking. You should consult a professional about any serious decisions that you might make about your health.

Comments (6)

Daniel Hollis

Now what can I spend $100 on.. :) I think I am right thinking I can get different products from different vendors you affiliate with, what is an acceptable time period of spending the 100? Over two / three pay months?

Feb 1st

Daniel Hollis

I listened to the whole of your podcast, albeit in a couple of sittings between commuting and when I haven't got to deal with my kids and other bits that get in the way :D I look forward to hearing the rest of your Podcasts and learning more of your secret society

Feb 1st

Daniel Hollis

Jonathan, Bulgaria does sound like a nice place; if the cost of living is good and the infrastructure is in place; why do you think the UK supposedly had such an influx of Bulgarian immigrants? Was it the novelty of Bulgaria joining the EU and Bulgarians thinking the UK would be better?

Feb 1st

Daniel Hollis

An hour in. Loving it. So cool to hear your background and values. Can you recommend any good sites for practicing Christianity that isn't bible bashing? I quite like the idea of having a Christianity morality but not the routines of church and reading bibles etc. Omg for a City not to have any street signs is mind boggling! Costa Rica really sounds like a massive dump. Jesus. Never really did see the appeal in that Country though.

Jan 31st

Daniel Hollis

20 minutes in so far. Loving it. I used to be well into my seduction tips. Got into David Deangelo, Juggler etc. It really helped me!

Jan 30th

Daniel Hollis

Gonna start from the very beginning of your Podcasts and listen through :) not sure if it will automatically play from Oldest and work it's way up the list. Will see! :D

Jan 30th
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Introducing Myself, My Story, and My Values

Introducing Myself, My Story, and My Values