DiscoverupsideIntroducing When Pigs Fly [JE021]
Introducing When Pigs Fly [JE021]

Introducing When Pigs Fly [JE021]

Update: 2021-02-03


This week we’re excited to introduce you to the first new show on the upside podcast network: When Pigs Fly.
Hosted by Allie Martin and Patrick Bailey, When Pigs Fly is a podcast that uncovers Cincinnati's rich business history from the 1800s to today.
We talk to companies to learn the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, what it takes to grow a successful business and to simply prost to future innovation.
When Pigs Fly will air every Tuesday beginning February 2 on the upside podcast network.
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Introducing When Pigs Fly [JE021]

Introducing When Pigs Fly [JE021]

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