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Introduction to Fighter Training 101

Introduction to Fighter Training 101

Update: 2019-11-162


The Clash of the Codes ended in a draw which can be seen as nothing but a huge victory for the quiet Australian. Noodles and The Stool went toe to toe to release the huge hatred both very effectively convinced themselves they had for the other.

The boys dissect the fight and Roy explains why it’s far more important to watch the audience as opposed to the actual fight. But a draw leads to the obvious conclusion that there needs to be a rematch. It needs to be bigger, it needs to be angrier, it needs to be soon. Maybe even next week?

But in a time when our beloved sportsmen and athletes are under enormous scrutiny, Roy and HG feel there is more than ever a need for specific education to be available to those in the sporting industry.

Fight trainers and promoters should have apprenticeships and tertiary courses available to them. There should be boxing academies teaching young boxers how to deal with the press and the School of Rugby League Lifestyle teaching our NRL stars exactly how they should enjoy the lifestyle of a rugby league player.

Speaking of Bali lifestyles, as we do every year, we’re being reminded that the NRL off-season is far more entertaining than the regular season so the boys want to know why on earth Todd Greenberg and the boffins at Rugby League HQ aren’t promoting it more!

However, if rugby league administrators really want to make the horrible mistake of curbing the poor overseas behaviour of our stars, our loyal listeners have stepped up again to provide possible solutions.

All of that and plenty more on another edition of Just Short of a Length with Roy & HG!









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Introduction to Fighter Training 101

Introduction to Fighter Training 101

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