Investing In The Age Of Anxiety With The Broke Millennial

Investing In The Age Of Anxiety With The Broke Millennial

Update: 2019-04-1513


Fear and anxiety are two different things. Some of us fear investing because we don’t know how to invest and that’s understandable. Investing can be intimidating. It has a language all its own which seems foreign to beginners.

There are plenty of people who have a vested interest in making it seem more complicated than it is. If you don’t think you can possibly understand how investing works and how to invest successfully, you are more willing to pay someone else to do it for you.

And perhaps the reason we fear investing most, it’s our money on the line. If you get it completely wrong, you can lose money, a lot of it. People who are anxious about investing don’t necessarily fear it. They speak the language, they’ve educated themselves on how to invest well, and they understand that while you can lose money, over the long haul, you make money when you invest.

The anxiety is tied to the things going on around us that we can’t control. A recession is coming and probably sooner rather than later. Many investors in their 30s and 40s remember the impact of the last big recession all too well. Jobs lost, homes lost, retirement savings decimated.

Automation is going to eliminate not only jobs but entire industries. And wages have been stagnant since the 1970s. When you put all of these things in a big pile, well, you can see why people might feel anxious.

But we have to overcome our anxieties just as we have to overcome our fears. Investing in the age of anxiety is tough, but we can do it.

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Brendan Leighton

Listening to the episode of investing and anxiety. It was brought up that people making 100k or even 60k a year are living paycheck to paycheck. That's just ridiculous. I make less than 30k a year and put away $400+ a month. I never think about paying for food, gas, bills, student loans, or anything else I need because I budget. Only when I want to buy something I want, do I sit down and see if I can afford it. Anyone making more than me has no excuse to live paycheck to paycheck. There are some circumstances where someone making more has Needs that can't be lowered (medical expenses for example) and that's a different story. Budgeting works, I learned how to through research, so can everyone else.

Jul 8th
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Investing In The Age Of Anxiety With The Broke Millennial

Investing In The Age Of Anxiety With The Broke Millennial | Andrew Fiebert and Matt Giovanisci