DiscoverEasy PreyIs AI Going to Take Over the World? with Daniel Hulme
Is AI Going to Take Over the World? with Daniel Hulme

Is AI Going to Take Over the World? with Daniel Hulme

Update: 2022-08-031


Can understanding someone’s digital footprint really make it easier for it to predict what they’ll be doing using AI? Today’s guest is Daniel Hulme. Daniel has a PhD in Computational Complexity and works in the field of AI, applied technology, and ethics. He is the CEO and founder of Satalia, a Tedx speaker, and educator at Singularity University. 

Show Notes:

  • [0:50 ] - Daniel has already been interested in how humans behave and describes how he got into AI.
  • [2:05 ] - AI gets grouped into technology but there are a lot of different types of AI.
  • [3:50 ] - The ultimate goal of AI is to have computers make decisions and learn from the decisions, but that’s not commonplace right now.
  • [5:31 ] - Someone’s digital footprint can be used to learn a lot about them.
  • [6:51 ] - The challenges that we are facing with AI are not ethical challenges, they are safety issues.
  • [8:29 ] - AI is super complex and is becoming more difficult to test.
  • [10:03 ] - AI’s learning isn’t usually the problem. It’s the framework put in place.
  • [11:36 ] - Machine learning is a generalization of the world which can create biases.
  • [14:26 ] - Building explainable systems is incredibly important.
  • [16:20 ] - Daniel gives an example of how AI can use data but why human decisions are still important.
  • [18:16 ] - It’s much more cost effective to have simple solutions than complex ones.
  • [20:35 ] - What is the effect of building a super intelligence? We don’t know. Daniel explains the singularities involved.
  • [21:45 ] - These technologies are replacing people in completing some tasks. This is arguably a good or bad thing, depending on how you think about it.
  • [23:47 ] - There are different safeguards against each of these singularities.
  • [24:56 ] - Daniel shares what he thinks will be the solution.
  • [28:07 ] - Who is going to make this “glorious future”?
  • [29:36 ] - As AI takes the roles of employees in some companies, Daniel believes it will balance out again.
  • [32:01 ] - There are jobs that may be impacted more than others.
  • [33:46 ] - Something else that Daniel thinks may happen is a new economic structure.
  • [35:12 ] - The highest cost for many organizations is human labor.
  • [36:42 ] - There’s a possible paradigm shift that will have to change the way we think about work and money.
  • [39:30 ] - Daniel is optimistic that we’re headed in the right direction.

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Is AI Going to Take Over the World? with Daniel Hulme

Is AI Going to Take Over the World? with Daniel Hulme

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