DiscoverThe Strength Running PodcastIs Everything We Know About Pain Wrong? Ryan Whited on a Better Way to Treat Pain
Is Everything We Know About Pain Wrong? Ryan Whited on a Better Way to Treat Pain

Is Everything We Know About Pain Wrong? Ryan Whited on a Better Way to Treat Pain

Update: 2024-02-221


Ryan Whited is an elite climber, personal trainer and strength & conditioning coach who owns Paragon Athletics in Flagstaff, Arizona. Together with author and coach Matt Fitzgerald he has written Pain & Performance: A revolutionary new way to use training as treatment for pain and injury

His approach to pain is a novel one and requires you to think about it in a much different way than most of us currently do.

Learning to use “training as treatment” and recognize the positive aspects of pain are just a few of the concepts we discuss today.

Before pain starts, build injury resilience during training

We also cover:

  • Why pain can be a tool that is used to your advantage
  • Understanding pain as a subjective experience from our history and beliefs 
  • What is inaccurate about the structural model of injury
  • How our expectancy of pain can influence it
  • “Sweet talking” your system and using tissue without damaging it
  • The problem with imaging - the difference between abnormal and problematic
  • The role of fun in returning to activity after an injury 
  • Why pain is neither all in your head nor all in your body  

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Is Everything We Know About Pain Wrong? Ryan Whited on a Better Way to Treat Pain

Is Everything We Know About Pain Wrong? Ryan Whited on a Better Way to Treat Pain