DiscoverOur Hen HouseIs India Going Vegan? w/ Richa Mehta
Is India Going Vegan? w/ Richa Mehta

Is India Going Vegan? w/ Richa Mehta

Update: 2022-02-05


Vegan Outreach India’s Richa Mehta joins us this week to talk about the spread of veganism in India.  As Director of Programs, Richa tells us how Vegan Outreach is focusing on college students and explains in detail what they are doing to educate those students about the atrocities of the dairy and meat industries while advocating for veganism, as not only more compassionate, but as a greener, more environmentally conscious approach to living. In this conversation with Jasmin, Richa also focuses specifically on dairy, and delves into the Western perception of the sacred status of cows in India, explaining the dichotomy between this belief and the reality of the country’s large dairy industry.

Richa Mehta is based in Agra, India, where she is the Director of Programs at Vegan Outreach India, an organization founded in 1993 that aims to end violence towards animals. Richa has many years of experience with animal and environmental protection nonprofits and has been instrumental in the success of Vegan Outreach’s Green Tuesday Initiative, in addition to her extensive in-person outreach activities in India. Richa is also the Vice President of the Pratibha Foundation, Gujarat, India, which focuses on facilitating quality education and healthcare for underprivileged children in rural areas.

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Is India Going Vegan? w/ Richa Mehta

Is India Going Vegan? w/ Richa Mehta

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