DiscoverThe Chalene Show | Diet, Fitness & Life BalanceIs Your Family Healthy| It’s More Than Diet and Exercise - 1022
Is Your Family Healthy| It’s More Than Diet and Exercise - 1022

Is Your Family Healthy| It’s More Than Diet and Exercise - 1022

Update: 2023-09-22


Did you know the simple act of having dinner as a family can help your children grow into healthy and well adjusted adults.?!

In this episode of The Chalene Show, Chalene Johnson sits down with Shawn Stevenson, the seasoned health expert and host of The Model Health Show, they do a deep dive into the intersection of family, food, and well-being. Discover how emotional connection, understanding, and affection lay the foundation for a healthy family life and how it impacts weight management, nutrition, and exercise habits.

Listen to Shawn's captivating life journey from growing up in contrasting environments in St. Louis to becoming a game-changer in the health and fitness world. Gain insights into how life experiences shape our beliefs about health, weight, and even the quality of our relationships—backed by long-term scientific studies.

If you're a parent struggling with picky eaters, don't miss Shawn's expert tips on transitioning kids to a healthier diet without causing a home revolt. From delicious alternatives to understanding the psychological barriers that make junk food appealing, this episode is packed with actionable advice.

Tune in to learn about the transformative power of family meals, the role of advertising in our food choices, and how to create a family "micro-culture" that supports healthy living.

Get a sneak peek into Shawn's upcoming book, "Eat Smarter Family Cookbook”

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Is Your Family Healthy| It’s More Than Diet and Exercise - 1022

Is Your Family Healthy| It’s More Than Diet and Exercise - 1022

Chalene Johnson, Shawn Stevenson