DiscoverThat's Not Proper!Is Your Positivity Toxic?
Is Your Positivity Toxic?

Is Your Positivity Toxic?

Update: 2020-07-31


I’ve become super obsessed with the phrase “toxic positivity”. On this week’s episode I’m sharing what it is, what it isn’t, why it is so incredibly damaging and what we can do to recognize it and stop. You ever look into buying a car? So, you find what car you want, you buy it and then all of the sudden it seems like that car is all over the roads? You had never noticed the car before, but now you see it everywhere. One of my daughter’s had an older, little, silver Honda CRV and it was a great little car, loved that little car. Never before had I ever noticed an older, little, silver Honda CRV on the road. To this day, I see a couple every time I have to drive. Even just in town. Were they always there and I just never noticed? Did everyone run out and buy an older, little, silver Honda CRV? That’s what coming to an understanding of toxic positivity has become like for me recently. I see it everywhere. Now I’m on the hunt for it everywhere. Was it always there, or did it just all of the sudden appear, like the CRV? Obviously, it’s always been there. It’s a culture. It’s deeply embedded in everything. Don’t believe me? Start looking, pay attention, check yourself…I can promise, if you didn’t notice it before, you will now. That's Not Proper can be found on all podcast platforms!!  Please Subscribe, Share and Review! Looking to be a guest or have a great topic you'd love to hear me cover? Click the link below and fill out the form or forward it to someone you know who would be an amazing guest!'s Not Proper Website:https://www.thatsnotproper.comThat's Not Proper Instagram:'s Not Proper Facebook:


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Is Your Positivity Toxic?

Is Your Positivity Toxic?

Cori Asuncion