DiscoverAdventures In CoffeeIs my coffee killing me?!
Is my coffee killing me?!

Is my coffee killing me?!

Update: 2021-08-03


We're back, and our series two opener asks a very bold question: is my coffee killing me?!

For personal reasons (discussed in this episode*), Jools has longed to find an answer to this. She takes Scott on a journey which ventures deep into the science, history and psychology of coffee consumption.

We get the basics on the science by speaking with Dr Charlotte Mills, Lecturer in Nutritional Sciences at the University of Reading. But, it opens up a bigger question: why does coffee get so much hate?

We hop on the line with Professor Jonathan Morris, Research Professor in Modern History at the University of Hertfordshire, to learn the origins of anti-coffee marketing.

But why were these marketing gimmicks so effective? We hear from Chartered Psychologist Kimberley Wilson, author and Governor of the Tavistock & Portman NHS Mental Health Trust. Thankfully, she leaves us with a sane and healthy way to approach nutrition and coffee!

*Trigger Warning: this episode includes discussions on disordered eating, thoughts and behaviours.

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Read Kimberley Wilson’s book ‘How to Build a Healthy Brain: Reduce stress, anxiety and depression and future-proof your brain’:

Read Jonathan Morris’s book, ‘Coffee: A Global History’ here:

Listen to his podcast series, A History of Coffee, made in collaboration with our producer James Harper here:

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Is my coffee killing me?!

Is my coffee killing me?!

Jools Walker, Scott Bentley, James Harper