DiscoverThe #SpeakEasy PodcastIt Started with a Run to Hell with Fred Schofield
It Started with a Run to Hell with Fred Schofield

It Started with a Run to Hell with Fred Schofield

Update: 2020-10-09


"If you are going through hell, keep going!" ~ Winston Churchhill

First, let me say "thank you" to all of the veterans who listen in to The #SpeakEasy Podcast. We value your service to our serve in such a great capacity. Your actions, your life and your words are valuable!

What was that "hell" moment in your your your relationship? In today's episode we get an inside view of one veteran's journey starting with the stuff on his shoes! This episode is reminder that there will be moments when you need to dust off the stories within your own journey in order for people to see their value.

Fred broke down some things from his books that brought a smile to this little Philadelphian's face. Stories like the one that Fred shares are perfect for all the True Crime lovers of the world. His intricate details take you through the streets and lives of people in Philadelphia. I can remember growing up and seeing some of these same scenarios play out in the communities where I grew up, went to school and began to raise my own family.

Aha moments that I received during this episode from Fred:

~ After some time you may need to show up with a second edition
~ There are lessons we learn from the people (Characters) in our life
~ Our pen has the ability to give a voice to our past
~ Stories get lost when no one shares them
~ You never know who you will meet when you are walking in purpose

Through his stories, Fred brings light to a few areas that you would see on a Netflix documentary or movie.

Meet Fred:

Fred Schofield spent his early years as a U.S. Marine, he was decorated for valor under enemy fire and receives VA care for combat-connected conditions. He spent a large part of his life practicing criminal law, representing more sex workers during his time in the practice than any other attorney in the world. Fred's novels are heavily inspired by his unique life experiences. Specifically, he was compelled to pen the mystery/thriller The Boardwalkers after his colorful experiences as a lawyer. When it comes to his other novel, A Run to Hell, he was inspired by his real-life connections to the infamous death of Hollywood star Grace Kelly.

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It Started with a Run to Hell with Fred Schofield

It Started with a Run to Hell with Fred Schofield

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