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J Dilla Special

J Dilla Special

Update: 2021-02-04


In honor of J Dilla's birthday, we've put together a medley episode featuring our conversations on Donuts and Fantastic, Vol. 2 with Nate Patrin and Dan Charnas, respectively. Happy Birthday Jay Dee, we miss you.

If you like these snippets, please check out our full episodes in the archives!

Show Tracklisting

  • J Dilla: Two Can Win
  • Pharcyde: Drop
  • Slum Village: Players
  • Erykah Badu: Kiss Me On My Neck
  • J Dilla: One For Ghost
  • Pharcyde: She Said (Remix)
  • Motherlode: When I Die
  • J Dilla: Donuts (Intro)
  • J Dilla: Waves
  • 10cc: Johnny Don't Do It
  • The Isley Brothers: Don't Say Goodnight (It's Time For Love) Pts. 1 & 2
  • J Dilla: Bye
  • J Dilla: So Far To Go
  • Tarika Blue: Dreamflower
  • Erykah Badu: Didn't Cha Know
  • J Dilla: Workinonit
  • Galt MacDermot: Golden Apples Pt. II
  • J Dilla: Mash
  • J Dilla: Geek Down
  • The Jimi Entley Sound: Charlie's Theme
  • Jackson 5: All I Do Is Think Of You
  • J Dilla: Time: The Donut of the Heart
  • J Dilla: Don't Cry
  • J Dilla: U-Love
  • Slum Village: CB4
  • Prince: Lady Cab Driver
  • Little Beaver: A Tribute to Wes
  • Slum Village: Conant Gardens
  • The Singers Unlimited: Clair
  • Sugarhill Gang: Rapper's Delight
  • Slum Village: Players
  • Slum Village: Hold Tight
  • Slum Village: Forth and Back (original version)
  • Slum Village Get Dis Money
  • Herbie Hancock: Come Running to Me
  • Slum Village:: Jealousy
  • Slum Village: Untitled/Fantastic
  • Slum Village: I Don't Know
  • Baden Powell: É Isso Aí
  • Slum Village: Fall In Love
  • Gap Mangione: Diana In The Autumn Wind
  • Slum Village: Fall In Love

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J Dilla Special

J Dilla Special