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J. Bruce Stewart: The Click Code

J. Bruce Stewart: The Click Code

Update: 2022-03-04


Dr. J. Bruce Stewart, founder and CEO of Small World Solutions Group, joins Dr. Vanessa Weaver to speak about his new book The Click Code: Why Some Teams Click and Others Don't. Dr. Stewart shares the importance of promoting social capital in the workplace so that companies can foster an inclusive environment for people to succeed in.

In this Episode

·      The introduction of Dr. Stewart’s latest book The Click Code: Why some teams click and others don't, and how the book explores the functionality of teams in the workplace, and why some teams have a hard time utilizing tools to manage and lead in an inclusive way

·      The definition of social capital, how it functions, the challenges of implementing social capital, and the importance of this concept in the creation of a diverse, equitable, and inclusive working environment

·      A brief discussion on the topic of cognitive diversity and psychological roles, the purpose and importance of both, and how having a diversity of both helps teams to become more productive and increase performance 

·      The other factors of creating a diverse and successful team, including “plussing up”, or building up on a person’s ideas, and the three Hit factors, which are the Musketeer mindset (all-for-one, one-for-all), identification of psychological roles, and the “A+” principle

·      How Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and EEO groups can come together to understand social capital to build diverse, effective teams, and how help invoke change within a company’s culture to focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion as major factors within the company


·      Dr. J. Bruce Stewart

·      Small World Solutions Group

·      Dr. Vanessa Weaver

·      Alignment Strategies

·      The Click Code: Why Some Teams Click and Others Don’t

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J. Bruce Stewart: The Click Code

J. Bruce Stewart: The Click Code

Vanessa J. Weaver, PhD